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Some states’ achievement gaps are higher or lower than would be predicted by their socioeconomic conditions alone. viii. Also, “the estimated scale score is the estimated number of questions the student would have gotten correct if he or she had been asked all of the items on the test. The estimated scale score is obtained by summing the predicted probabilities of a correct response over all items, given the student’s estimated theta score and the estimated item parameters” (Reardon 2007, 11).

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U.S. Department of Education (U.S. ED). 2015. A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America. Chap. XIII. Of the treatment of three kinds of fever arising from bile.

"Award-winning Japanese author Shion Miura’s novel is a reminder that a life dedicated to passion is a life well lived." students who have traditionally had the fewest educational

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“Our daughter has been visually impaired since birth. We didn’t know before that there was a school for visually impaired children. Thanks to this compensatory program, our daughter learnt letters and can count more than 100. Now she says she wants to complete the entire 12 year schooling. So I think there will be many more positive changes in her life. “ B. Dorjderem, Herder of Bayan bagh, Ulziibayan soum, Sukhbaatar aimag • Zechariah

0.103 Of Dysentery.

Bas. Ed., p. 166. • 6.3 Creation of a public school system

Roach, R. 2001. Gaining New Perspectives on the Achievement Gap • BOOK II.

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0.193 Diopethes’s sister, in a semitertian, had a violent pain at the mouth of her stomach, when the fit came on, and it lasted the whole day. Other women had nearly the same complaint; but, about the setting of the Pleiades, men were more rarely affected in this manner.

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• Fashion I cannot forbear to repeat, what Galen himself perpetually enforces, that the fluctuation of names, has always retarded the pursuit of knowledge; and that it has been, is now, and ever will be, the principal means adopted by every dexterous plagiarist, to mystify an otherwise well-known subject; and by giving it to the world in a new dress, an aspect of novelty, it is palmed upon ignorance or apathy, as the production of genius and research, such as previously had no existence. This nomenclatural fluctuation was well known to Galen; and whilst it is wofully deplored by him as a source of infinite evil, he fails not to castigate it by those sarcastic remarks he often indulges in. a


Des Facultez, & Temperamens des Médicamens simples, xi. 0.010

XXVII. Of pleurisy and peripneumony, unaccompanied by expectoration; treatment of. Sect. 8.


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• VI.: GALENI, DE BONA HABITUDINE, LIBER. This patient complained at the beginning of a pain in her throat, which was inflamed all along, with the uvula drawn up; and of a great rheum, that was withal a little sharp. She coughed too, but brought nothing away digested. She had an aversion to every thing, and not the least desire to any thing, all along; had no thirst, and drank nothing worth speaking of; was silent, and said nothing. Her mind was much dejected, and in a despairing way, and her constitution seemed inclinable to a consumption.

Make sure you watch this video too! It is an introduction to all of The Quirkles characters where you will discover why everyone is talking about these wonderful little scientists and their cool, simple, and awesome science experiments for children. Тип сайта

Zoilus, who lived by the wall, was seized with an acute fever from a digested cough. His face was red, and his body bound, unless when loosened by art. His left side was painful, and the left Edition: current; Page: [379 ] ear very painful; the head not so much. Spitting continually a somewhat purulent matter, he could not get well, but in other respects had a crisis, and discharged much matter by the ear, about the eighth or ninth day. The beginning of the ninth the pain of his ear ceased; but how the crisis could be without a shivering I know not. About his head was a great sweat, and about his ear and left side a fixed burning heat. With the pain of the ear above, the other pain ceased, especially about the shoulder-blade; but first came on a great spitting, which at the beginning was florid, and so on to the seventh or eighth day, and after that difficult and painful. The belly was bound till about the ninth or tenth day; the pain was quite removed, the swelling abated, and little sweats came on, but not critical, as appeared from other circumstances, and the going off. For, when the pain of the ear began, the belly was loose; the abscess from the ear was the ninth, and the crisis the fourteenth, without any shivering the same day. Add to this, that when the ear broke, the spitting became more copious and more digested; but sweats and tetters about the head lasted long, though they dried up (in a manner) the third day. Perhaps the most classic tale of good versus evil, and a look into internal battles every man must deal with in life. The idea for this world-famous “shilling shocker” came to Stevenson in a dream, from which he woke in a blind fury and instantly began to write that morning.

Franklin Moses Jr. is one of the great forgotten figures in American history. Scion of a distinguished Jewish family in South Carolina, he was a firebrand supporter of secession and an officer in the Confederate army. Moses then reversed course. As Reconstruction governor of South Carolina, he shocked and outraged his white constituents by championing racial equality and socializing freely with former slaves. Friends denounced him, his family disowned him, and enemies ultimately drove him from his home state. According to the U.S. Census, by 2012, it is estimated that 70% of homes will have broadband access. While this is a large percentage, it still leaves 30% of households without internet access. The government has lent its hand in closing the Global Achievement Gap by granting funding for low-income school districts for programs such as one-on-one computing, however, the fact that many of these students do not have online capability at home is still a main issue. This digital divide may cause the achievement gap to increase as technology continues to become heavily integrated in the daily coursework for school children. Students need to have Internet access outside of school on a regular basis to successfully complete challenging courswork.

Exceptions to the achievement gap exist [ vague]. Schools that are majority black, even poor, can perform well above national norms, with Davidson Magnet School [ citation needed] in Augusta, Georgia being a prominent example. Another school with remarkable gains for students of color is Amistad Academy in New Haven, Connecticut.Additionally North Star Academy has been awarded the National Blue Ribbon School for two years in a row. These schools offer more rigorous, traditional modes of instruction, including Direct Instruction. In one study, Direct Instruction was found to be the single most effective pedagogical method for raising the skill levels of inner-city students (Project Follow Through). [130] Kids' Modelling Clay

Another explanation that has been suggested for racial and ethnic differences in standardized test performance is that some minority children may not be motivated to do their best on these assessments. Many argue that standardized IQ tests and other testing procedures are culturally biased toward the knowledge and experiences of the European-American middle class. [60] [61] School Funding and Finance


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• Newspaper and Book Gift Sets I hope they throw the book at him the shooting was played right down because it was political. We wanted to throw the book at him. This was a case of treason you'll be dismissed from the Police Force, there's no doubt of that. And there'll probably be criminal charges. The papers are onto it and there've been questions in the House - they want to throw the book at you if these illegal transfer deals are found to be true then we will throw the book at the clubs involved a [turn up] for the book an unexpected event or surprise we thought he was abroad and when he arrived at the party it was a real turn up for the book

Du flux continuel de la substance du corps; ou Quatrieme livre des alimens, attribué à Galien, i. L.

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This book, says Haller, is the production of an unknown author, not of Hippocrates, although he transiently quotes from the treatise “De Natura Pueri,” in which this book is in like manner referred to. It contains an infinitely too great a farrago of remedies, and they of too compound a character. The very face of the book seems to stamp it as of a date less ancient. It is plentifully stocked with female diseases, even more so than any of later date. They are on the subject of suppressed, diminished, or vitiated catamenia; of moles, abortion, difficult parturition, suppressed lochia, inflammation of the womb, and barrenness. The most acrid remedies are usually prescribed, such as drastic purges, suppositories and pessaries; and numerous vegetable and fossil remedies mentioned in the other writings of Hippocrates, to which virtues are ascribed, often differing from those that are commonly attributed to them. He mentions the παρθενια, or matricaria. Some things are added, which appear to be of the same author, referring chiefly to the diseases of infants, and of the eyes, and enemata. This is one of the most extensive of the Hippocratic books. Haller divides it into four sections.


Galeni Librorum quinta Classis eam medicinæ partem, quæ ad Pharmaciam spectat, exponens; simplicium medicamentorum, substitutorum, purgantium, antidotorum, componendorum tam per locos quam per genera medicamentorum, ponderum denique, ac mensurarum doctrinam comprehendit.—Venice Ed. 1609. (0.066)

• WP Landing Kit – Turn WordPress Site Into A Landing Page Manager for Multiple Domains Hypothetical as are these three books, they are abundantly interesting and entertaining. The subject commences, by showing why it deserved investigation. Its division by different persons, some into two, others into four temperaments, together with the omissions of the older writers, are referred to. Some remarks relating to spring and autumn follow, and animadversions on the errors of nomenclature among the ancients; the right signification of names in connexion with temperament, together with the different accommodation of the same name, and the number and distinction of the temperaments, are fully considered.

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In addition to rural children, the programs are accessible online for Mongolian children living abroad, who need to learn their native language.

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8. In Hippocr. de morb. popular. libr. i. commentarii iii. News & General Interest

LXV. The repeated recurrence to circumstances already noticed, renders the whole of this treatise extremely tiresome, although something of interest is to be found in the mass of rubbish. Again, he refers to injury sustained in delivery, by the womb or its orifice; of its inflammation subsequently, and of afterpains; of pituita oppressing the uterus, and giving rise to fluor albus, and derangement of menstruation, sometimes recurring three times in a month. Under circumstances of excoriation of the parts, among other prescriptions, we find an ointment made with flores argenti [Qu.? αργυρεω ανϑος]. These cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of our websites but are

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Are you a total quiz whizz? Continuing his observations in the second book, much reference is made to Hippocrates, as to what he remarks of the breathing, in his first and third Epidemics, in numerous cases of disease; a refutation of those who regarded respiration as involuntary, referring to his remarks in the second book, De Motu Musculorum. The whole book seems enthusiastic in praise of Hippocrates; and scarcely less so is the third book, wherein the other remaining books on Epidemics, ascribed to him, are referred to, and their cases considered; here, too, some inquiry is entered into, as to the authors of those writings. Not a little of the value of these books consists in the analysis thus necessarily entered into by Galen, of the writings of Hippocrates.

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