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Me: Save yourself the effort, I don't mind. And I've got another example. Probably my favorite. // Does the ray intersect any objects excluding the player layer


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Like Cisz and Hazel, he has difficulty finding people his age who “get” the cancer experience or understand the side effects that can come with treatment (along with neuropathy, Wright suffers from cardiomyopathy). And like Augustus, he’s had to set aside athletic pursuits like football and boxing.


Seriously, book, you know that most heartstrings cannot resist being tugged on in this fashion, especially when you are using kids who are off the charts on the precocious cuteness scale with all their precocious irony, precocious sarcasm, precocious world-weariness and precocious vocabulary. Are you tired of reading the word 'precocious' yet? Too bad, since adorable and fragile precociousness is at the 'literal heart' of this book. That's what alienated some readers - but I'm a sucker for precociousness in literature; guilty, your Honor!------ 10.


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Augustus Waters is my dream guy. Like, for real. As I wrote on an update: Screw all the Christian Grey’s and the Gideon Cross’, just give be Augustus Waters. June 4, 2014


• Year 9 English I met Kaitlyn and her (cute but frankly not Augustinian) boyfriend for coffee one afternoon.


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Hazel wakes to her mother jubilantly announcing that it's Hazel’s thirty-third half birthday. Hazel agrees to meet her former schoolmate Kaitlyn at the mall to please her mother. At the mall, Hazel purchases the two sequels to the novel Augustus gave her. When Kaitlyn arrives, the girl’s somewhat one-sidedly discuss Kaitlyn’s high-school love affairs and shop for shoes. Kaitlyn selects several pair of shoes, whereas Hazel purchases a pair of flip-flops merely to have something to buy. Hazel feigns exhaustion and the girls go their separate ways. With two hours to kill, Hazel begins reading the sequel to The Price of Dawn, called Midnight Dawn. Hazel notes how violent the series is, but there is something exciting about it that reminds her of the series she read as a child when she could immerse into “an infinite fiction.” ...


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Ügyes funkció, mely a kiválasztott nyelven lehetővé teszi a Text To Speech funkció használatát. Arról van szó, hogy a könyvolvasó fogja Önnek a szöveget felolvasni, és Önnek elegendő ezt hallgatnia – ez például éjszaka nagyon kellemes. Ha ezt a lehetőséget szeretné használni, szükséges, hogy a könyvolvasó rendelkezzen kimenettel a fülhallgató számára (a hangszórón keresztül zavarná a környezetét). Továbbá, elég hatékonynak kell lennie, és támogatnia kell a nyelvet, amelyben a könyvet szeretné olvasni. • ^ Green, John (June 29, 2011). "The Fault in Our Stars". Vlogbrothers . Retrieved July 1, 2011.


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One brake on the growth of the ebook market has been the technical snags that have prevented millions of users of handheld personal computers (operating Microsoft software) from reading most publishers' ebooks. Dick Brass, Microsoft's vice president of technology and development, last year declared that, by 2020, "90% of everything you read will be delivered in an electronic form." He believes that, with the introduction of new software next year, his prediction could still come true. "I always said it would be eight to 10 years before electronic publishing began to equal paper," he said, "and I am willing to live and die by those predictions."


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Narrated by sixteen-year-old Hazel Grace who suffers from cancer, she meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters at a support group – an amputee in remission. They bond over their love for literature and soon fall in love. A trip to Amsterdam to track down the author of Hazel’s favourite book ensues, as does a confession from Augustus that his cancer has returned.


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2013 Death surprisingly, was not the main objective of this book. As one would think when reading novels that deal so heavily with sickness and morality. The book centers around the romance between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, a character to whom many have fallen in love with. John Greens flawless prose and philosophical speech help you to really get a feel for the characters, to fall in love with them, cry for them. I root for them, and just want them to get better, to fight the disease that slowly kills them. But John is pretty clear from the start, their fate is sealed from the first turn of the page.


And now you get to add epic love scenes to your 10,439 reasons to see The Fault in Our Stars. TripleLift


Duplicate posts As I’ve gotten older, loud music has become less and less enticing and can, at times, be outright annoying if it lasts for too long. When I was a kid, I used to listen to my music at a level that would make normal people cringe. Hopefully today’s teens will grow out of the habit as I have, or else there might be serious issues that they’ll have to address in years to come. Unfortunately, with hearing, once it’s gone, you can’t get it back.


The new poster, released to Buzzfeed, depicts costars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort lying on the grass while smiling and gazing into each other's eyes. While the image is precious, some fans are having issues with the tagline at the bottom of the poster.


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• Clubs and Activities The story in itself was simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming and John Green combined them perfectly. I love every single part of this novel, although the ending left me completely emotional. However, even though the ending made me sob, I appreciate that John Green wrote it like that. It addresses the fact perfectly that what was happening to Hazel and Gus does also happen in real life and that not everything has a happy ending.


Mark W. Davis So, without further ado, here is a countdown of the 10 best edutainment and engineering YouTube channels. Then, if you wish to watch more educational videos, check out some webinars in the ANSYS resource library or watch the ANSYS YouTube channel. 10: CrashCourse


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