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ملتقيات وطنية • December 2016

31 The Dictionary of New Zealand English: A Dictionary of New Zealandisms on Historical Principles by Harry Orsman (Oxford University Press, 1998) • May 2010

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: La justice française a ordonné le blocage par les FAI des deux principales plateformes pirates de partages d’articles de revues scientifiques. Heureusement, il existe des moyens pour contourner ce blocage !

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Voilà ce que m’affiche google : From publishers’ perspective, it only made sense. Increasing their own power to enforce copyright claims was protecting their intellectual property. And though the bills sparked intense backlash for many companies that supported them, individual academic publishers like Elsevier were overlooked.

None • December 2015

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• Peroni S, Shotton D. 2016. Metadata for the OpenCitations Corpus. Figshare. [ CrossRef] "Hold on to Something"

• Edward Claro Mader's answer to Neuroscience: Why does thiamine deficiency (mechanistically) lead to Korsakoff's syndrome? • Comprehensive school


Women wore this uniform to the protest in Texas, and they have since worn it to protests in England, Ireland, Argentina, Croatia, and elsewhere. When “The Handmaid’s Tale” was published, in 1985, some reviewers found Atwood’s dystopia to be poetically rich but implausible. Three decades later, the book is most often described with reference to its timeliness. The current President has bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” and the Vice-President is a man who, as governor of Indiana, signed a law that required fetal remains of miscarriages and abortions, at any stage of pregnancy, to be cremated or buried. This year, half a dozen states have passed legislation banning abortion after around six weeks; Alabama passed a law that would ban abortion in nearly all circumstances, including cases involving rape or incest. (All these laws have yet to take effect.) Thank you to everyone for your comments. I have today added evidence as an addendum to the original article. When it comes to evidence I have to be careful; I cannot provide exact details without giving away our sources. I can say that we have been able to monitor activity patterns through log files and trace the source of the activity as being Sci-Hub, we have then gone on to monitor subsequent activity from the same source and we have seen all kinds of criminal activity coming from that source.

These journals refuse to give a DOI and they don’t work with URL either usually. Example this paper. A workaround is to search Crossref for the title which gives the DOI, then use the DOI to fetch the paper as usual: • Open-design movement

• History - Questions & Answers K Sci-Hub blocks access to Russian IP addresses due to disputes with the Russian Scientific establishment and the naming of a newly discovered parasitoid wasp species, Idiogramma elbakyanae, after Alexandra Elbakyan ( Standish, 2017; Khalaim and Ruíz-Cancino, 2017). Four days later, Sci-Hub restores access after receiving “ many letters of support from Russian researchers”.

Overall the reviewers were positive about the article, but they had a small number of concerns. We therefore invite you to prepare a revised submission that addresses these concerns. Thanks @dhimmel. Those are both excellent points about librarians.

Why? Reflect on how you would feel about a society that supports this. What examples can you list that would suggest we do live in a society that supports this. The latest Sci-Hub working domain(Last check time:Sun, 07 Jun 2020 17:13:01 GMT)


You're conflating free as in beer with free as in liberty. "Information should be free" means that it shouldn't be caged away- it means free as in liberty. Sci-Hubプロジェクトは、カザフスタン出身の ソフトウェア開発者で 神経科学(Neurotechnology)の研究者であるアレクサンドラ・エルバキアンによって 2011年に始められた。彼女の目標はより多くの人々を有料コンテンツにアクセスできるようにし、知識を広げる助けとなる事だった [3]。エルバキアンは、一つ当たり32ドルする文献に何百とアクセスしなければならない事を考えると、「違法な」文献を研究共有フォーラムを通してアクセスしなければ、カザフの大学では研究を行うことが出来なかったと主張する。彼女は何百もの論文を送り出す事に関係しようと考え、プロセスを自動化する方法の開発に着手した [4] [5]。

Download Temporary Containers for Firefox. Open tabs, websites, and links in automatically managed disposable containers. Containers isolate data websites store (cookies, storage, and more) from each other, enhancing your privacy and security while you browse. Wife but does not see her. The Commander’s Wife has a garden, and

Meh, it’s better to buy sketchy credentials for a dollar or two than let people put themselves at risk by “donating”. • John Wilbanks

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pre-Gilead world—she was a single parent and a feminist activist. • A Farley

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There’s hardly any point in my thinking, is there? I say. What I think doesn’t matter. I hope scihub engages in a full-scale campaign for university professors setting their computers as scihub proxies. Only a professor in each major university would suffice to block all universities from the extortionist journals! That would certainly be a boost to scihub!

• videos The main reason for the white screen problem is that the particular request from the sci-hub is not authorized to access that web page as per the dot compliance of your country. Therefore, you can not access the document with the direct method of using scihub.

The contest has lured a number of "Gunters", or egg hunters, and the interest of Nolan Sorrento, the CEO of Innovative Online Industries (IOI) who seeks to control OASIS himself in order to insert intrusive online advertising. IOI uses a number of indentured servants as well as an army of employees called "Sixers" to find the egg. [a] The Handmaid’s Tale: If You Thought You Hated June’s Choices Before, Just Wait

• PLOS • Elbakyan A. Some facts on Sci-Hub that Wikipedia gets wrong. [February 7, 2018]; Engineuring. 2017

05 • Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ;

• Achievements You could easily replace the publishers with a few non-profit orgs that are funded by universities for a couple of hundred bucks per university per month, and make all the content available for "free" to everybody on the planet in perpetuity.

• Winter Reading Programs (12) @Stuart J. Mickel I fully agree, but add that it cant be emphasised enough that the scientific literature is part of the World's patrimony; I don't understand why UNESCO is not doing anything in this field. From the practical point of view, I have been retired for nearly a decade and, while I don't have access to laboratory facilities, can at last resume activities as an informed reviewer.

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• Vehari Campus In June 2016, I published a post entitled, “ Sci-Hub: Serving Up Scholarly “Pirated” Journal Articles”, which provides additional information. For those still curious about Sci-Hub, this 2016 bibliography from Stephen Reid McLaughlin might also be of interest.

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E The article “Meet the Robin Hood of Science” by Simon Oxenham spurs a wave of attention and news coverage on Sci-Hub and Alexandra Elbakyan ( Oxenham, 2016), culminating in The New York Times asking “Should all research papers be free?” ( Murphy, 2016). lovescihub

To be clear, I do completely agree that they shouldn’t be using stolen credentials. Nobody is too young to start changing the world.

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Scihub application is an application that aims to facilitate the downloading of international paper using a smartphone. this application is not an official of the sci-hub site. to download you can enter the URL or DOI in the search field. John Cameron Butler was taken captive as a child and raised as a Lenne Lenape Indian, but when required to return to his white family at 15 years of age, adjustment is more than difficult.

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16 April 2011 ; 9 years ago ( 2011-04-16) [1] • 1.1.1 United States

I read the Guardian opinion piece more as a critique of the fact that there is little or no correlation between these costs and the consumer price. • Armenia

• ^ Marotta, Jenna (February 11, 2018). "2018 Writers Guild Awards: 'Get Out,' 'Call Me by Your Name,' and 'Jane' Win Film Honors". IndieWire . Retrieved February 12, 2018. Discuss the workings and policies of this site Prior to June 2017, the Crossref API had an issue that prevented exhaustively downloading journal metadata. Therefore, we instead relied on the Scopus database to catalog scholarly journals. Scopus uses “title” to refer to all of the following: peer-reviewed journals, trade journals, book series, and conference proceedings. For this study, we refer to all of these types as journals. From the October 2017 data release of Scopus titles, we extracted metadata for 72,502 titles including their names, ISSNs, subject areas, publishers, open access status, and active status. The publisher information was poorly standardized — e.g. both “ICE Publishing” and “ICE Publishing Ltd.” were present — so name variants were combined using OpenRefine. This version of Scopus determined open access status by whether a journal was registered in DOAJ or ROAD as of April 2017. Note that Scopus does not index every scholarly journal ( Mongeon and Paul-Hus, 2015), which is one reason why 30.5% of articles (24,853,345 DOIs) were not attributable to a journal.

How many Sci-Hub users are there? The download requests came from 3 million unique IP addresses, which provides a lower bound. But the true number is much higher because thousands of people on a university campus can share the same IP address. Sci-Hub downloaders live on every continent except Antarctica. Of the 24,000 city locations to which they cluster, the busiest is Tehran, with 1.27 million requests. Much of that is from Iranians using programs to automatically download huge swaths of Sci-Hub’s papers to make a local mirror of the site, Elbakyan says. Rahimi, the engineering student in Tehran, confirms this. “There are several Persian sites similar to Sci-Hub,” he says. “So you should consider Iranian illegal [paper] downloads to be five to six times higher” than what Sci-Hub alone reveals.

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4 episodes Кстати не пойму, почему i2p которая была основана аж 2003 году до сих пор не популярна?Она откровенно медленная. Есть и проблемы с производительностью, и проблемы с сетевой подсистемой, и архитектурные проблемы. Обе версии (и оригинальная на Java, и на C++ от orignal) развиваются и улучшаются, но старые сайты умирают и умирают, а новых особо много не появляется.

She switched to a master’s program in religious studies, where her thesis led her to research how ancient societies treated information distribution. Both the revelations about the ancient societies and their attitudes toward ”information openness,” and the “feeling that [public administration] wasn’t quite the direction that I wanted to go” led her to double down on Sci-Hub. Ask Anything Wednesday - Engineering, Mathematics, Computer science

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The Handmaid’s Tale tells the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead, a totalitarian society in what was formerly the US. Facing environmental disasters and a plunging birth-rate, Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. As one of the few remaining fertile women, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is a Handmaid in the Commander’s household, one of the caste of women forced into sexual servitude as a last desperate attempt to repopulate a devastated world. • - Futurology

The Handmaid's Tale We investigated the level of access provided by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. This is a major addition to the study, since it allows us to compare Sci-Hub's database with the access of a major research university. Furthermore, the data for this analysis are openly available, making it the most comprehensive public analysis of a university's coverage of the scholarly literature (that we're aware of). Jacob Levernier, who helped perform these analyses, has been added as an author.

• Statistics • Open Access Hub (including SciHub and API Hub): from 00:00 UTC to 11:30 UTC, 27-May 2020

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• Clea DuVall as Sylvia (season 2–present), Emily's wife. [22] • IDP Turkey

• ^ "The Handmaid's Tale : Season 3". Metacritic . Retrieved June 5, 2019. 399,273


36 his 1985 score). Notably missing in action: Star

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