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Categories Community colleges have gotten a lot of attention recently. Not only has President Barack Obama cited them as a cornerstone of an efficient and effective means of training people for whatever new economy awaits, but more and more families are taking a new look at community colleges because of sticker shock from traditional four-year colleges ....READ MORE


stereo compositor: Stereo D in Gilead. When Offred admits how unhappy she is, the Commander


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The website Sci-Hub enables users to download PDF versions of scholarly articles, including many articles that are paywalled at their journal’s site. Sci-Hub has grown rapidly since its creation in 2011, but the extent of its coverage has been unclear. Here we report that, as of March 2017, Sci-Hub’s database contains 68.9% of the 81.6 million scholarly articles registered with Crossref and 85.1% of articles published in toll access journals. We find that coverage varies by discipline and publisher, and that Sci-Hub preferentially covers popular, paywalled content. For toll access articles, we find that Sci-Hub provides greater coverage than the University of Pennsylvania, a major research university in the United States. Green open access to toll access articles via licit services, on the other hand, remains quite limited. Our interactive browser at https://greenelab.github.io/scihub allows users to explore these findings in more detail. For the first time, nearly all scholarly literature is available gratis to anyone with an Internet connection, suggesting the toll access business model may become unsustainable. GROW - Guaranteed...: The Handmaid's Tale Discussion Question Submissions


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• Online schools accreditation scheme Adi Robertson: Atwood’s book does offer a sort of escape in its metafictional epilogue, which is set after the fall of Gilead. I’d be interested to see the showrunners try to work that in somehow, but it seems unlikely.


In 2019, a graphic novel based on this book and with the same title was published by Renée Nault, ISBN 9780224101936. ...


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The classification of utopian and dystopian fiction as a sub-genre of the collective term, speculative fiction, alongside science fiction, fantasy, and horror is a relatively recent convention. (See also: The Internet Speculative Fiction Database) Dystopian novels have long been discussed as a type of science fiction, however, with publication of The Handmaid's Tale, Atwood distinguished the terms science fiction and speculative fiction quite intentionally. In interviews and essays, she has discussed why, observing: • ^ Burke, Carolyn (March 15, 2018). "Ready Player One Won't Reference Disney's Star Wars Movies [Updated]". Screen Rant. Archived from the original on March 16, 2018 . Retrieved March 16, 2018.


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• Kids Need Schools to Report Abuse During COVID-19 Crisis​ Sci-Hub has been lauded as having "changed how we access knowledge". [54] It raised awareness about the scientific publishing business models and its ethics of making researchers' institutions pay for their articles to be published, while providing and reviewing them without payment. [55]


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" I Wanna Be Your Lover" I'm a heathen bastard and no fan of religion. Fundamentalism has hurt people, particularly women, for millennia. Extremism continues to hurt people every day, especially in some parts of the world, especially in some states. Even so, it's hard to accept Atwood's dystopia when it's set in the U.S., in the near future—and in Massachusetts, one of the most progressive states in the country, one of only sixteen states in the union with state constitutional protections for abortion (since 1981, I believe). Massachusetts is a liberal bastion when it comes to American women's reproductive rights, so it's an odd setting for this brand of nightmare. In recent decades, Massachusetts is also one of the least religious states, so it's an odd setting for a theocracy, too.


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Parzival / or jobs. Offred and Luke took their daughter and attempted to flee


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In the movie, Og's avatar is The Curator, the robotic 'Jeeves-like' curator of the Halliday Journals archive. He is at first often exasperated with Wade's visitations as Parzival, feeling that they only waste his time until Wade wins the first challenge. When Parzival returns looking for clues on the second challenge, he makes a bet with The Curator that Karen Underwood only appears once in the archives, a bet which he wins. In return, The Curator gives Parzival a quarter that later proves to be an extra life that saves Parzival during the final battle and allows him to win the challenge. The Curator also sends the High Five into the second challenge once they realize it was at the archives the whole time. At the end of the movie, Og reveals his identity as The Curator to Wade, but admits that he didn't know the details of Halliday's challenges and thus did not break the rules by aiding Parzival when he won the bet. • Miles Allinson (1 )


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freedom, like the freedom of all women, is completely restricted. Cline added that the second book – which doesn't yet have a release date – won't be about a contest, but "will deal with all of the same characters and kind of the situation".


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Maria Corcho • ^ " 'Avengers,' 'Lost in Space,' 'Ready Player One' Lead Visual Effects Society Nominations". Archived from the original on January 15, 2019 . Retrieved January 16, 2019.


... Fear of the other: This country harbors more racism than I can comprehend. The white people in this country seemed a little angry about the black man in the white house and the white men were staunchly determined not to have a woman (white or not) follow him. I don’t mean all white men, just too many of them (chill.) “The advantage for Trump among men is larger than the 7-point advantage Romney had in 2012 and much different than in 2008, when men preferred Obama over McCain by a single point.”- PewResearchCenter. But then there are the white women, 53% went for Trump…..oh my sisters, I have no words.


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• The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000, American Library Association, 2009.


See more from • Atwood, Margaret (2001). Bloom, Harold (ed.). The Handmaid's Tale. Philadelphia: Chelsea House.


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render support The new series will pick up in Gilead and June determined to overpower the system and cause a revolution.


• Theatrical Heroes A Republican witness at a congressional hearing on police brutality didn’t mention police brutality Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino asked Congress to not "attack" police and shred "the thin wall between civilization and chaos."


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• ^ "Paperback Trade Fiction Books - Best Sellers - December 25, 2016 - The New York Times". nytimes.com . Retrieved March 17, 2017. By Josephine Vonarburg, Ed.M.


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“Way back in the ‘80s, we wanted everything to be free because we were hippie socialists,” said Lanier. “But we also loved entrepreneurs because we loved Steve Jobs. So you wanna be both a socialist and a libertarian at the same time, and it’s absurd. But that’s the kind of absurdity that Silicon Valley culture has to grapple with.” 2010–present


scenic artist War of the Worlds: A crashed Martian ship is the site of a virtual meeting.


Cline acknowledges the book’s solipsistic focus, and puts it down to his inexperience as a novelist. “In retrospect, one of the ways I made it easier for myself to write the novel was by using a first-person narrative,” he says. “Because it was such a sprawling story, anchoring the point of view with one character made it easier for me to keep track of what was going on – I could show the whole world from his perspective, but this ended up limiting the other characters. One of the biggest advantages of retelling the story cinematically is to give them more to do. Instead of Wade doing everything, Art3mis has much more agency – she has a backstory and a personal investment in taking down IOI.” • RoboCop (1987)


Steven Spielberg's adaptation takes many liberties from the 2011 best-selling novel. While all of those changes aren't great, most of them improve vastly upon the novel. Shoto, being younger and more prone to emotional displays, would be an exciting role to see Ki Hong Lee play. Lee is funny as Dong in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and pretty badass in The Maze Runner series as Minho.


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